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Best Alternatives to Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor

October 14, 2019Jessica

Some one recommended Offline Windows Password & Registry Editor when you asked for solution to reset Windows password. But it failed to load. How to fix it? What kind of alternatives available?

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How to Get into a Locked PC or Laptop

November 20, 2019Jessica

You may feel crazy when the title is presented. It is absolutely true that you can get into a locked PC or laptop without the need to type the password.

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Reset Windows 10 Password When BitLocker is On

May 29, 2020Jessica

Many of Windows 10 users enable BitLocker encryption on their computer. This could be a disaster when he or she forgot Windows 10 login password.

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Forgot Surface Laptop Password? 3 Efficient Ways to Reset It

May 29, 2020Jessica

Surface Laptop is powered by Windows 10 but with only UEFI boot. So most of the password reset methods won't work on this new device.

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How to Bypass Windows 7 Login Password with Command Prompt

Jun 10, 2020Jessica

People are scared of Command Prompt as there is no GUI interface. We have provided all the details to help you bypass Windows 7 password using Command Prompt. It is no longer an issue!

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Complete Review of Popular Windows 7 Password Reset Tool

Jul 28, 2020Jessica

You might be wondering which one is the best Windows 7 password reset tool in 2020? We made a list of six candidates that reset Windows 7 password in an easy way.

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Crack Windows 7 Password | 4 Best Ways to Do that in 2020

Aug 12, 2020Jessica

Still using a Windows 7 PC and unfortunately forgot the login password? Please don't be panic. Here are four ways to crack Windows 7 password efficiently!

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4 Ways to Reset Surface Pro 7 Password If You Forgot Password

Aug 13, 2020Jessica

Surface Pro is the latest Windows tablet from Microsoft. If you forgot Surface Pro 7 password, can you reset the password and unlock the device?

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Building a New PC, Can I Reuse My Windows Key?

Aug 25, 2020Jessica

You just built a new PC and want to use the old Windows key on it. Is this possible? If yes, how to activate the key on new PC? This is a full tutorial for that.

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Forgot Windows 10 PIN Password? How to Unlock Windows 10

Sep 3, 2020Jessica

When you forgot Windows 10 PIN Password, what is the action you should take to unlock Windows 10 computer? You can get the right anwser from here.

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