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How to Create a Password Reset Disk for Another Computer

April 16, 2019Jessica

Do you know what's Windows password reset disk and how does it works? A password reset disk is the tool to help you reset forgotten password on Windows computer. How can you create such a disk when the computer was locked?

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How to Reset Windows Password with Ubuntu Linux

April 17, 2019Jessica

Ubuntu is the most popular desktop Linux disco and can be used to perform advanced tasks such as resetting Windows password. This can be done with the help of Ubuntu LiveCD.

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How to Encrypt a Folder in Windows 10

April 23, 2019Jessica

Privacy protection is an essential part of our life. So no one could touch the data if it was protected by a strong password. We recommend encrypting the important file in a folder.

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How to Shutdown or Restart Windows 10 Remotely

April 25, 2019Jessica

You have to leave the computer running alone and shut it down afterwards. It is quite convinience to enable remote desktop feature and shut download the machine as needed remotely.

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Lost Windows 10 Admin Password and with No Reset Disk?

April 26, 2019Jessica

Password reset disk is the recommended tool to help you unlock the computer if you lost the admin password? How to reset the lost password without such a disk?

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How to Hack Windows 7 or Windows 10 Password without Software

May 8, 2019Jessica

Password hacking is neccessary when the computer refuses accepting password. Hacking is no longer complicated than 10 years ago due to the tricks shared online.

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How to Break Windows 7/10/8 Password Using Command Prompt

May 8, 2019Jessica

Do you know how hard it is to break a Windows password? Actually it is pretty easy in 2019 with command prompt or Windows password recovery software.

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How to Reset Forgotten Password on Acer Laptop

May 15, 2019Jessica

Acer has a huge user base for its laptop products. And some of them might forget the login password occasionally. How to reset or recover the lost password in simple steps?

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How to Reset Password on Asus Laptop (Support Windows 10)

May 23, 2019Jessica

Forgot Asus laptop password? What is the best way to reset the password on Asus laptop? Follow the 3 best suggestions in this post to unlock the laptop.

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Buy Windows 10 Product Key at Cheap Price

June 12, 2019Jessica

Do you know there are a couple of ways you can get to buy Windows 10 license key at cheaper price? We will share all the ways to buy Windows 10 product key in 2019.

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