Best 4 Excel Password Breaker Software - How to Break Excel Password

Microsoft offers password protection features in all Office apps. If you are applying the trick to Excel worksheet and now you are unable to recollect the password to open Excel file, then don't get worried as here you will get 4 best password breaking software to help you successfully break Excel password.

Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 1: HashtCat
Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 2: PassGeeker Dr.Excel
Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 3: CrackIt
Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 4: Password-Online

Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 1: HashtCat

Hashcat is a renowned password cracking tool that supports more than 50 file types, including Excel, Word, PDF, ZIP, etc... Currently, it you can use Hashcat Excel password breaker to recover password from Excel 2003 to 2013. To break Excel password with Hashcat, the first step is to extract the hash value from Excel using a Python script known as "". After extracting the hast, you can break the hast value using Hashcat.

Step 1: Open office2john page on Github and click the RAW button. From the new tab, click Ctrl + s keys to save the .py file on your computer. Also download and install Python and Hashcat on the same computer.


Step 2: Copy the downloaded script in the directory where you have installed Excel. After completing the above two tasks, you will have to run the command that is provided below:

python dummy.docx > hash.txt

Step 3: Now, it's time to use Hashcat to break the extracted hash. But before moving ahead, you will need to know the number ID of MS Office and the same will help you to perform the task. To get the number ID, type the command listed here:
hashcat ?Chelp

Step 4 : You got the list and number ID of MS Office. The ID for Office 2013 is 9600 and for Office 7 it is 9400. Now type the command provided here to crack Excel password:

hashcat -a 0 -m 9400 --username -o cracked_pass.txt hash.txt /usr/share/wordlists/nmap.lst

Note: Here, 9400 is denoting MS Office version, if you are using Office 2013, then you can keep m-9600.

Step 5 : Wait for a while and give time to Hashcat to break Excel password. After the completion of the process, the password will be shown on the screen.

Hashcat is very effective Excel password breaker and it gives accurate results. And now, you can say proudly that you have cracked Excel password without much effort.

Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 2: PassGeeker for Excel

The second recommendation in here is PassGeeker for Excel, a GUI based program fro breaking Excel password. If you have done enough effort to crack Excel password with command line tools, then it is a much simple method to try out. This tool won't damage your data because the working algorithm is different from others. There is no need to extract hash using other tools. All the password breaking process is done within the same program in three short steps.

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Step 1: To initiate the method, you need to download and install PassGeeker for Excel on a computer. After completing the installation, you need to launch the application.

PassGeeker Excel Password Recovery

Step 2: On the Home Page, you will get 'Recover Open Password from Excel', click on it. Now, you need to import the password protected excel file and for that, click on the 'Add file' button. Thereafter, you will get 3 options to crack Excel password. You can select any one option as per your convenience but Brute-force with Mask attack is recommended and we wil use it as example in here.

PassGeeker Excel Password Recovery Run

Step 3: After selecting the attack option, a pop-up window will appear and here you need to adjust the parameters, such as the inclusion of lowercase, uppercase, special symbols, and all Numbers. You can set the range of password length too and after completing the task, click on the OK button.

PassGeeker Excel Password Recovery Setting

Step 4: Now, click on the 'OK' button to accelerate the process. If the password was not strong enough, you will get the recovered password within 1-2 hours. After that, note down the password and then launch the Excel app and use this password to open the worksheet.

PassGeeker Excel Password Recovery completed

PassGeeker Excel Password Breaker is a handy software and easy to use. Through this software, you easily crack Excel password with guaranteed result. And it is also helpful in removing protection from Excel workbook or worksheet. The process is a little bit different. Initially, you need to select the option 'Remove Workbook/Worksheet Password' from the first window. After adding the file, you will have to choose the location to save the output. That's it; this was the small change and the rest of the process is similar.

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Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 3: CrackIt

CrackIt is a standalone utility that specializes in Work and Excel password recovery with brute-force attack. The user interface is straightforward and no reinstallation is required. Although it is never updated for years, it is still a qualified solution to break Excel password. However, only Exel 97 and 2000 are supported.

Step 1: To access this Excel password breaker software, you need to download the zip file of Crackit and then extract the same.

Step 2: After the completion of the extraction process, run '.exe' file. Soon, you will get a new window on your screen and here you need to select the document and for that, click on the 'Browse' button and then import password protected excel file into it.

Step 3: In the next box, you will get the 'Select Alphabet' section, under this you will have to select the alphabets from the drop-down menu. After completing the above task, click on the 'Crack It' button. Wait for the result. That's it; you are all done.

crackit for excel

Crackit is a free software and is easily available but, if you are using this software for advanced version of MS Office, you can take a chance. But probably it won't give you the desired output.

Excel Password Breaker Suggestion 4:

Some of the users dislike installing any software on their computer because it is dangerous somtimes. A lot of online download portals distribute adware or bloatware into the target programs. And this is really harmful. So online excel password breaker is a nice opt-in for thoese users. The only price is that your data in Excel could be leaked out or compromised. If this was not your concern, please go ahead and give a try on, which costs 10 Euro to break the password. It is an online platform from where you can get the cracked password of locked Excel sheet.

excel password breaker online

Step 1: Open your browser and go to the official website of by clicking on the the link.

Step 2: Now, click on 'Upload your encrypted file' button. Thereafter, a window will appear and you need to select the Excel sheet. And you have to agree the terms before uploading the file.

Step 3: In the next window, you will get a few options and you need to click on the checkbox that is needed for you, perform the task and then click on the 'Next' button.

Step 4: Now, provide your email address and click on the 'Send' button. Once your Excel sheet is recovered, you will get the password via your mail after payment.

This method is a paid one and you need to pay 10 Euros to get the result. The tool is used by ample agencies to decrypt the Excel document. It is easy to use and all the process is online, means no need to install any software.

Wrapping Up

PassGeeker Excel Password Breaker is the simplest one and anyone can use this to break Excel Password. However, the fourth method is a completely online method, but you will have to pay for it. The third method is free to use, but it is effective for the older version of MS Office. The first method Hashcat is for those, you have good knowledge of commands. If you are a beginner, then go with the second option.