Best Windows 10 Product Key Generator Reviewed in 2020

What is a product key and why is it required to activate Windows? A product key or license key is like a security password that gives you full access to an application. This alpha-numeric string works on operating systems like Windows 10 or standalone software used for something else. The key fully unlocks the product and allows you to use all the features that come with it. How to activate Windows 10 without product key? That comes into the help of Windows Product Key Generator.

Windows 10 Product Key Generator is an special utility that give you a valid product key to activate Windows 10 without paying the full license (starting at $139). A lot of users can not afford the price so they are looking for smart tool to get a free or cheap product key instead. You may be re-installing the OS on a different computer or have recently upgraded your motherboard and want to activate Windows 10 on the new hardware. Whatever the case, these best 4 Windows 10 product key generators will have you up and running in no time.

Windows 10 Pro Key - 100% Geniue Product Key at $45.99

Windows 10 Pro Key can generate an authentic product key for both 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Windows 10 Pro. It's guaranteed to generate a valid license key, but the product itself is not free and comes at a cost of $45.99. That's still cheaper than shelling out money for a new Windows 10 license. You have the option of either downloading only the key generation software or the software along with a copy of Windows 10 Pro. You can even get a macOS version of Windows 10, which is available as a native DMG file in case you want to dual boot a Mac with Windows 10 using Boot Camp Assistant or by other methods. The one thing you should note is that it only works with genuine builds of Windows 10, so you can't use it to activate a free trial, beta or OEM version of the operating system. Also, you are only allowed to use it on a single computer.

Windows 10 Pro Key

To use the product, go to the official website and purchase the product. Within 8 hours or so you will receive the required links to download the product as well as Windows 10 if you selected that option during checkout. You can also choose to receive it as a BT/eMule link or physically on a USB drive. The last option obviously takes a few days, but 4-8 business days is what the site claims.

Once you receive the link to download the software, click on it and initiate installation. If you don't have Windows 10 Pro already installed on that computer, you can install it before you install the key generator. For this, you will need to download the Media Creation Tool from Microsoft's website and use it to make a bootable installer for Windows 10 Pro. Once you have installed the operating system on your PC, launch the key generator and use the key that is displayed to activate Windows 10 Pro.

Tech Rapidly Key Generator - Free Product Key with Lower Success Rate

This key generator is actually a website that provides free Windows 10 keys for various versions, including Home, Pro, and Education. The keys are free to use, and the site claims that it will work on any computer. This type of key is a generic one and is unlike the key provided by the previous product. Since it is a universal key, you shouldn't have a problem activating your copy of Windows 10 using one of the keys provided. The site also offers to support users who are facing difficulties activating their Windows 10 with the keys that the site provides. You can contact them using the Contact Us link on the top right of the website.

Free Windows 10 Product Key

To use this key generator site, just go to the link provided in the previous paragraph and scroll down to the correct version of Windows 10. Note down the key and use it to activate your copy of Windows 10.

NeoSmart Windows 10 Product Key Generator - Find Product Key on OEM Computers

Windows OEM Product Key Tool from NeoSmart Technologies is a powerful Windows 10 key generator that also works with Windows 8. It's a great utility if you've forgotten the original product key for your OEM version of Windows 10. OEM version simply means that the copy of Windows 10 came pre-loaded on the computer. Nowadays, there's no Certificate of Authenticity sticker on new PCs and laptops. Rather, the product key is embedded directly into the EFI or BIOS of the computer. This software essentially retrieves the key from there so you can use it to activate Windows 10 even if you're doing a fresh install (clean install) on a different computer from an ISO file. You can also use it to reinstall Windows 10 in case your current copy has a lot of bloatware that came with the OEM version.

NeoSmart OEM Product Key Tool

The product is simple to use. Just download it from the NeoSmart website here, then install it by double-clicking the .exe file that you downloaded. Note: You might see a page where it asks you to like the company's Facebook page and enter name and email details before getting access to the download, but you can bypass this by clicking on the small Download button below the name and email fields. Although the product is free, you can choose to donate money to the developers using PayPal or your credit card. Once installed, run the program and copy the generated license key to activate your copy of Windows 10.

Free Online Windows 10 Product Key Generator

This is another free online service that generates legit Windows 10 products keys on a periodic basis. Although you'll see a Download button, you don't need to click on it since the keys are available directly on the site's relevant page. The site's administrators claim that these product keys work with all versions of Windows 10. All you need to do is figure out which one works for your particular version.

Head over to the website and scroll down to see all available product keys. You'll see several of them but there aren't any labels against each so you'll have to try them all one at a time until you find the correct one. However, the site says they all work for all versions of Windows 10 so give it a shot and see if that's true for your copy of Windows 10.

Free Windows 10 Product Key Online

These are the best 4 Windows 10 product key generator websites and applications on the market. Try them out and activate your copy of Windows 10 so you can take advantage of better speed, regular updates, the latest drivers and themes. If you still have problem in getting a valid Windows 10 product key, you can buy a cheap one instead.